Background Nerd Reading: A Very Short Introduction on Service Reliability

In my recent post on Swyft , I briefly mentioned the factors that go into public transit service reliability, alluding to another post in the making. It turns out that part of my work has been done for me by a couple of papers in the latest issue of Public Transport.

In an open access paper, “Data driven improvements in public transport: the Dutch example,” the introduction is pretty much what I was going to say. It then goes on into more detail on the state of the practice of data-driven process improvement.

Another paper “Quantifying the Joint Impacts of Stop Locations, Signalized Intersections, and Traffic Conditions on Bus Travel Time” (paywalled but available here) takes a deep dive into the impacts of physical characteristics of service on buses in mixed traffic and their impact on travel time. Want even more detail? This paper was distilled from a PhD dissertation.